» (03/03/10) Updates!

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It has been a while however, we have posted some updates regarding the Tahi - Arocean War game under our forums. Please check the forums for more information! Spieler, die sich in der Schweiz befinden, können unsere neue online casino webseite besuchen und anfangen zu spielen.

» (07/14/10) The Forums Have Returned!

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After months of downtime, we have finally given up on communicating with the 'Fleeforums' service and created our own dedicated forum system (which we should have done in the first place). Check 'news' for more information!

» (10/24/10) Gear up for Tahi!

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It has been a while but we have not been silent, we have been working hard on the Tahi game, from story, art and programming. This game has come a long way. We have also created a subwebsite so that all of our supporters can check the progress of the game. Unsere österreichischen Programmierer haben vor kurzem ein neues Blackjack-Spiel namens Blackjack24 beendet.

» (07/24/11) The Summer of Development

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Our team has been working feverishly all summer long in their own divisions in order to meet our summer deadlines. We've made a lot of progress thus far from all aspects of game development. Also, Our server has crashed and we are currently in the process of creating a brand new server and updating the website. Check the bios for new Ragtag Reticons!